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Shirazah Jul 13 '17
Looking for good
Amn69 Aug 1 '17
Salam Alaikum to everyone seeking spouse
May Allah help us Allah to find right spouse.ameen

I am from Melbourne
Practising caring person
Owner of clothing store
Lived in Australia since long
Only sincere please reply me on
Hangout/email : moitoi6996 at gmail com
JazkaAllah Khair
Ok bye
Endah Aug 2 '17
Waalaikumussalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh...

Aameen.... jazakallahu khair 

muni36 Aug 21 '17
How is Australia
hemalil Sep 17 '17

In reality, tastes and colors are not discussed and age and love is not a criterion of choice, but it is necessary to take full advantage of your love, your partner and live every moment thoroughly.I invite you so to rely on the strength of our feelings because this is what is most important.

I will love you with all my strength until the last second and the difference of our age will never trouble me the essential it is to accept me to build a lasting friendship

your loved one Hicheme

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