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Haw are you
nouredine Mar 10 '18
Salam aleikum
I’m searching for someone special with marriage intention. It’s better if he’s shia Muslim. Not over 30 years please. Contact me: acidddp0p@yahoo.de
Zarahayla Mar 4 '18 · Comments: 1 · Tags: marriage
Im a practicing Muslim Im a practitioner in the legal field  seeking kind wife.I workout 3 times a week.
Abdulhaleem Feb 9 '18
Hi everyone  

How are you doing i hope you're well 

I'm zain ali from Pakistan i need good friend and caring girl anyone is here  

Contact me. zain.za96@gmail.com 


Allah bless you everyone 

Zain96 Feb 8 '18

thank you for your letter

my e.m is : forat4y_97@yahoo.com

you can contact me on my e.m

will wait you 


wefak Feb 8 '18
I am IT professional age 57, looking for a woman 40 year old to 60 year old. I need someone to be my partner for the rest of my life. The one who doesn't run away, always quarrel, doubts me, eyes on my money all the time, always talk negative, fraud, or behave and talk against any religion. I can also take a time passing woman or just a friend. In my old age (and her's) I want to live happily ever after. Come and let's make it happen. Ready!
Hello my name is Mojtaba. 

Please contact me. 

Mojtaba2018 Jan 20 '18
I am from The USA.I am from Chicago.I have been to 51 Countries.I am a Teacher of Comparative Deen.I am now in Bali.I am looking for a wife to be.Inshalah a Sister that need to be hear and love.Love is a Gift that Allah has place on the human beings. The Test is inside of our Hearts and Minds and Then in our Souls.I am new at this internet.My email is abdul_bilal@yahoo.com.Inshalah if i get a reply i can then reply directly.In this World they Are five Births in The Quran with out Father or Mother.1. Adam  2.Eve  3. Salalsurah 57 when the shecamal with her young came out of a Stone.  4.When Musa crane turn into a Snake. 5.Surah 37 ayats 100 to 109 When  Ismael was freed and a Goat took his place.When Ibrahim was going to take his son life.Inshalah i hope to hear from a Sister who would send me her Email and if possible phone number as well.if she is not in love.
abdul_bilal Dec 29 '17 · Tags: salam
Dear sisters .
I am looking for a good sister to marry me to complete my Deen . Jajak Allah.
mamun Dec 25 '17
hossain Dec 25 '17
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