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Assalam o alakum my daughter i hope you are fine. My one son is ca and my daughter isin ireland do phd from nui galway as she is selected as scientific researcher by Irish research council and soon she would be national 

I need you for my son. 

Niazi270 Jul 10 '17 · Rate: 5 · Tags: i need to my son and daughter
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I want to find a husband only. I don't mind distance but he must not be just seeking a way to my country. I live in a nonmuslim country where it is not the place for living an easy halal life.
I look for the halal that is easy and simple. Not one that is full of challenge and temptations. I don't mind going to another country, in fact it is perferred.
The man i seek must be kind and gentle and sincere in practising the deen. He follows Muhammad as well as Quran. He doesn't believe in labels and respects all people without racist or sexist beliefs.
I want someone who will fill our lives with noor and maintain our happy home.
Of course I want kids and I don't believe in limiting that aspect of life. As if Allah believes we are right to have children then who are we to put limits on what he already sanctioned.
I am not desparately seeking so I can wait as long as it takes to find this man. I don't need marriage right away, but i just want a marriage that is right.

Deleted user Apr 23 '17 · Rate: 5
My name is Nuno Miguel, Portuguese, 36, living and working in UK as a catering assistant at a local Hospital.
I am an outgoing, genuine, expressive, happy-go-lucky individual who loves living life to the very fullest.

i would like to meet a woman that is religious, devoted, loyal, expressive, someone that is as honest as i am, someone that wishes to evolve with me, see the world as it really is, a woman that is true to herself, a woman that is faithful.

I am not seeking outer beauty, as that does fade in an instant, i am seeking a real woman for her inner beauty, for her true essence.
I wasn't born a Muslim, but, that does not mean i can't be one, i have read a lot of books concerning Islam, and i truly believe that, Islam answers a lot of questions, and that is why i am taking the plunge and immerse myself in this amazing Religion, it isn't just a religion, it is also a way of life, you immerse yourself into it and you become enlightened in such a way that, you find inner peace.

I am a respectful individual and i will treat each and every individual the same way i want to be treated, anyone here that wants to talk to me, will be respected, and whatever path you have picked in life, you will be respected for that as well, after all, we are human beings and we all have to respect each other, no matter where we are from, what we do in life etc.

So, if you believe i have some of the qualities you are looking for then, do not hesitate in replying, i will be really happy to talk to you.

ALLAHUACBAR Apr 15 '17 · Rate: 5


I ask You Allah, give him happiness, I'm so far away, I can not do ... Please take care and always be next to what he would not have chosen life path. Please do not judge, and all sins are forgiven, and if stumble, you get help ... (I am a Muslim, I'm looking for a righteous, honest, kind, a good husband. Which in sha Allah ready for marriage halal.

yuliua Aug 4 '16 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1
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