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Hi to all My brothers and sisters,

My Name is Zayed from UAE, im looking for wife for a long time, My conditions maybe hard but i believe i wall find the one, So plz Help me by Give me advice abut what to do or ware to search for my partner, this is what am looking for:

- Religious #1 the most Important for me.

- A Gamer girl or interested in Pc Games.

- virgin women from US or UK (local)

- House wife.

- Agree to live with me in my country.

- Love my parents as if they are her parents.

- Age: 18 to 21.

Abut me:

- I work in government department I have average income.

- after work i play video games and Read Korean and Chines Novels.

- im 172cm tall and weight 80kg i have average body.

- I live with my parents .

- ASK to no more ?

Zayed Oct 9 '16 · Tags: marriages marry wife
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