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azizdeves Aug 30 '17
I found lot of women in this site  they try to blackmail.

If anyone asking money don't send.

6003abdul Sep 5 '17
It is true Mr.Aziz...they are not really can be trusted most of them are scammer..they are syndicate which use fake identity..hunting for money..they even have pictures of the women family to use as bait to use it to made they are really have a good profile.
muni36 Sep 7 '17
I agree
iloveMuslim Oct 3 '17
Salam Alikum brothers, we are totally aware of the problem on how some people take advantages of our free service and try to scam other genuine members. We are trying our best to stop those scammers and spammers and we need your help to report any suspicious users on our website. Please feel free to share your opinion on how to stop those scammers. Thank you all for your support. 
azizdeves Oct 3 '17

Wa’alaikum assalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Dear admin,

please  try to monitor all user.

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saraswati Oct 15 '17
yeah some guy just act the same like that. using fake profile pict, asking for money and make lots of drama..

but everyone must know that not all of girl like that.

the point is we should be more careful and protect ourselves as long as we can.

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